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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Hoddesdon

Whoops Wheel Fix It will restore showroom perfection to your car’s wheels with our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment Hoddesdon services. In each of our Whoops vans we use the latest in UV paint technology. This means we can have a set of four damaged alloys off and back on fully dry in 2-3 hours (for a standard finish).

Around 95% of cars are sold with alloy wheels of some kind, and will likely suffer some type of damage over time, however carefully you drive or park. Whether you have visible damage due to kerb scratches or stone chips, or whether the original surface has been dulled by multiple minor scratches, we can restore the look of your alloy wheels to their original showroom appearance.

Our skilled team of mobile alloy wheel refurbishment Hoddesdon experts can provide a vast range of customizing techniques, including the use of bespoke finishes such as metal flakes and gold paint. We can also carry out refurbishment to bespoke paint finishes, or apply a new bespoke finish to a standard alloy wheel.

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Bespoke Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


With many more car owners choosing to keep hold of their cars for a longer period, refurbishing your alloy wheels, perhaps combined with a full body polish, also available via our mobile vans, can be a way to restore that ‘new car feeling’ without the cost of buying a new car. And for higher spec cars, where often the value of owning such a car lies in the impression it makes, wheel refurbishment is a relatively low cost way to maintain its looks.

The cost of refurbishment will vary according to wheel size and car model, but for around £50-65 + VAT per wheel for a standard finish and up to around £120 + VAT per wheel for a Diamond Cut or Powder finish, alloy wheel refurbishment can be a cost-effective option.

But alloy wheel refurbishment can also be useful for other reasons. Minor chips and scratches can open up the way for more serious damage such as corrosion, so you will reduce the chances of long term damage to the wheel surface, and perhaps protect the value of your car, by arranging a refurbishment. 

Professional Alloy Refurbishment Services

We use bead breakers to expose the whole front face of the wheel, allowing us to wrap the paint right around the edge of the wheel. We also completely cover the tyre with shrink-wrap to stop overspray from contacting the rubber, leaving your tyre looking fresh and clean. We’ve installed state of the art ‘prep n spray’ zones in our mobile vans that improve the process of removing kerb damage from your alloy wheels. We use vacuum sanders to reduce the amount of dust that can land in the paint, giving your wheels a flatter, more glossy finish.

Bespoke Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Experts

Our alloy wheel lacquer is hardened under UV light, which means once out of the oven the surface is fully cured and is capable of withstanding jet washing immediately. Our alloy wheel repairs are suitable for all makes of car including Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Audi, and Jaguar. We offer the following wheel finishes: a standard finish with one colour/one coat of lacquer, hyper silver, and shadow chrome, bespoke alloy wheel finishes with more than one coat/finish and diamond cut alloy wheels.

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Our team of alloy wheel refurbishment Hoddesdon experts have the know-how and experience to advise on the best effect for your vehicle with the service itself being high-impact, stress free and speedy. Give us a call at 020 7060 3666 or fill in our quote form now to get your free quote today! or see our custom mobile alloy wheel refurbishment Hoddesdon work, and we’ll discuss everything, providing stunning results and excellent customer service. You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

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