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Alloy Wheel Repair Chingford

Here at Whoops Wheel Fix It, we pride ourselves on being Chingford’s highest rated Alloy wheel repair specialist with industry leading equipment enabling us to guarantee premium quality repairs and refurbishments that last.

We make the design process as far as it must go to meet the requirements of our customers and deliver the best results.

The addition of alloy wheels to new models enhances the appearance of them dramatically. Keeping them in tip-top shape will maintain their original appeal and value. 

 In addition to our standard alloy wheel repairs or specialist finishes, we can also carry out repairs to bespoke paint finishes, or apply a new bespoke finish to a standard alloy wheel.

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Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair Chingford Experts

For instance, a wheel may have a standard finish in the centre, but have a chrome or metal effect on the rim. Others may have a colour stripe along the spokes, while some owners choose to have the colour of the pocket colour-coordinated with the rest of the car.

Whoops, can recreate these specialist alloy wheels if they become damaged. We can also create different finishes to your original wheels which make your car look more unique and personalised to you.

A bespoke finish refers to any finish that includes more than one colour on the wheel, and creating or repairing them takes, as you’d expect, a lot more time and skill. A bespoke finish or repair cannot be carried out by our mobile service but requires wheels to be removed and taken to a factory. 

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