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Around 95% of new cars are sold with alloy wheels, most of them with a standard finish. And no matter how careful you are about washing and polishing, wheels are exposed to a significant level of wear and tear in normal use, simply because they are so close to the ground. Kerb damage while parking is hard to avoid, especially in urban areas, while regular motorway driving can mean high speed impact with stones, sand and grit, especially during the winter, all producing tiny scratches which dull the appearance of your alloy wheels over time.

Alloy wheels significantly improve a car’s appearance, and for higher spec makes such as Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW or other sports models, car owners are especially interested in maintaining the look of their car. Cars are better made, more reliable and have a longer lifespan than ever before and, in these eco-conscious times, many drivers are keen to enjoy and maintain the looks of the car they’ve got, rather than changing to a new car. And with standard alloy wheel refurbishment available from around £50-65 + VAT per wheel, it’s certainly a cheaper alternative to buying a new car!

Whether you have visible damage to your alloy wheels, or whether they’ve just lost their showroom shine, we can restore your alloy wheels to their former glory, using our mobile van service. Refurbishing a set of wheels to their original colour can take as little as 3-4 hours, and your wheels are fully dry and able to withstand rain or washing straightaway. For the details of how we go about refurbishing a set of standard alloy wheels, see the Whoops process.

‘Standard’ means that we apply one colour and one coat of matt or gloss lacquer to the alloy. As well as restoring the existing colour and finish to your alloy wheels, you can also choose to change the colour or finish, if you prefer. Of course, silver is by far the most popular colour choice, and for good reason, since it looks good with any colour paintwork – it’s also a safe choice if you intend to sell the car in the future – but it’s totally up to you.