Car Bodywork Polishing London

No car and wheel refurbishment is complete if your car’s bodywork has lost its shine.

Exposing your paintwork to regular washing and weather conditions can diminish the quality of your car’s shine. This is due to microscopic scratches entering the paint, making its surface less flat and lowering its gloss. Whoops can restore a showroom shine by reducing these scratches so that the paint becomes as flat as when first applied. We do this by using a 3-stage machine polish where each stage slowly removes microscopic scratches from the paint’s surface. The result is permanent and won’t fade as a brand new surface has been created in the paint.

Having your car re-polished can be a very cost-effective way of making your car feel like new again, and this is proving to be a very popular service for many customers – in fact they are often astonished at the results. While some car owners simply want to restore the looks of their car – perhaps instead of going to the expense of buying a new one – other owners find our car polishing service a way of enhancing the value of a car they intend to sell. A car with a showroom shine and immaculate bodywork will be far easier to sell, and for a reasonable price, than one of the same age that has lost its shine and may be looking a bit tired.

Car polishing is suitable for eliminating surface scratches that feel smooth to the touch. These faint scratches will go with polishing but only if they haven’t penetrated down to the basecoat. Where there are deeper scratches – that you can clearly feel with your finger – a bodywork repair will be needed.

Car polishing can be carried out at your home, using our mobile van, along with standard alloy wheel refurbishment and minor car bodywork repairs. Noise is minimal so you won’t disturb the neighbours, and you don’t even need to worry about the weather – we’ll erect a tent around the car if there is any chance of rain, so we can complete the job. All you need to provide is space around the car and access to power.

A full body polish will cost from £300 + VAT depending on the size and model of car, and is suitable for any colour of paint, in both plain and metallic paint finishes.

The whole process takes around 3-4 hours depending on the size of the car, and often we can respond to requests on the day.

Our mobile car polishing service is available to customers throughout North and West London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

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