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Car Bodywork Repair Hoddesdon

Professional Auto Bodywork Repair Services

Whoops, can undertake car bodywork repairs for superficial bodywork damage such as chips and scratches. We use an industry-standard paint system from Standox. This consists of around 45 colours and thousands of paint combinations. We can recreate any manufacturer’s colour by simply typing a paint code into our computer and mixing the correct amount of the necessary colours. 

Car bodywork damage is removed using sanders and papers, colour is applied and sealed with a clear coat, and then the car is de-masked and polished where needed. The result is renewed bodywork back to its showroom finish.

We provide car bodywork repairs and retouching throughout Hoddesdon for a wide range of car makes. Superficial bodywork repairs and retouching can be carried out by our mobile service and small chip repair can be completed within 1-2 hours.

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Minor Car Bodywork Repair Hoddesdon

Car owners are looking for superficial car bodywork repairs for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to repair minor damage resulting from an accident, such as bumper repairs and scrapes, and we are happy to quote for insurance purposes. Other owners are simply looking to restore the looks of their car, either as an alternative to buying a new car, or to prepare their car for selling.

Carrying out minor bodywork repairs and a full body polish can make your car more appealing to buyers as well as reducing their ability to haggle down the price.

Even owners who aren’t so worried about looks will still want to have scratches and chips repaired to prevent them providing an opening for the development of rust. And if you’ve leased a car, it can be much cheaper to get us to fix any minor body work issues than to be charged for repairs by the lease company.

Most Reliable Smart Bodywork Repair Services

So if you have scratches, scuffs and small dents spoiling the look of your bodywork, we can fix them quickly and conveniently, usually without losing the use of your car for more than a couple of hours. Our mobile van can carry out minor repairs and full body polishing at your home, minimising any inconvenience to yourself.

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Our team of Mobile car bodywork repair Hoddesdon experts have the know-how and experience to advise on the best effect for your vehicle with the service itself being high-impact, stress free, and speedy. Give us a call at 020 7060 3666 or fill in our quote form now to get your free quote today! or have a look at our recent car bodywork repair Hoddesdon work and we’ll discuss everything, providing stunning results and excellent customer service. You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram

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