Choosing alloys for your car

Here at Whoops Wheel Fix It! we know that even the smallest of scuffs or damage to your alloy wheels can be extremely frustrating and ruin the overall look of your car. This is why we offer a full range of alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services for customers in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. Our London alloy wheel repair service is mobile, meaning that we will come to your home or work and restore your alloy wheels to showroom condition! We also offer a full range of paint and body work repairs including dent removal, paint chip repair and bumper scuff removal and are so confident of our work we offer a 12 month guarantee on undamaged repairs.

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Here we shall look at the appeal of alloy wheels, examine the different types of alloy wheels available and show how our alloy wheel refurbishment and repair services can restore vehicles to their former beauty throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire.



There are essentially two reasons why people choose alloy wheels: they provide better handling and appearance. Alloy wheels are formed from a mixture of aluminium and magnesium and as they are much lighter than ordinary wheels they reduce the weight of the car and improve the handling and acceleration. This is why alloy wheels are used on all sports and high performance cars. Their reduced weight also gives the added benefit of lowering fuel consumption, saving the driver money. In addition, alloys can also improve the airflow to the brake discs, making braking more efficient in more challenging driving conditions.

Appearance wise, alloys improve the look of a car and make it stand out. There are so many different types of alloy wheels to choose from smart, classic, executive styles, to extreme / street looks and the style of alloy wheels that you choose is a matter of personal taste. Whatever style you choose however, alloy wheels must be well maintained with regular alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services to keep them in top condition.



Whoops Wheel Fix It! can assist with repairs and refurbishment to most alloy wheel types including standard alloy wheels, hyper silver and shadow chrome alloys, bespoke alloy wheels and diamond cut alloys. Here we shall take a look at the different types of alloy wheels and how Whoops Wheel Fix It! can help with repairs.



Standard alloy wheels improve the look of your car but not to the same extent as some of the more expensive alloy versions. The type of alloys a car is fitted with will depend on its specification. Lower budget cars are generally fitted with smaller wheels and higher spec models – bigger wheels, which may be more intricate in design.

We can repair all types of alloy wheel – including standard alloys, hyper silver and shadow chrome alloys and diamond cut alloys with our range of alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services.

Our ‘standard finish’ applies to alloys painted a single colour with an optional top coat of either gloss or mat. It does not just apply to standard alloy wheels but can be used on all types of car models, including the higher spec models.

Whoops Wheel Fix It! are a mobile service and provide on the spot alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment to vehicles in the London area. If you choose our standard finish, we can have a set of four damaged alloys repaired and put back on your car in two to three hours.

As with all our finishes we use all the up-to-date UV technology to restore your alloy wheels back to their former glory.



Hyper silver and shadow chrome alloys have a brilliant shine and are the glossiest painted alloys you can get. Although they are not actually made of chrome, they are painted to produce a finish which looks very similar to this.

In most cases motorists take this option because the car they have bought already has the shadow chrome or hyper silver finish from the factory. If the car does come with a ‘special’ finish as standard, the majority of customers want their refurbishment to be the same. However, as this is a more expensive option, we also offer a standard finish which must be applied to all the wheels to get them to match. The results are just as effective, but it does mean the brilliant metallic shine is lost.

For hyper silver and shadow chrome alloys, the repair process is done in much the same way as a standard finish but a lacquered ground coat is also applied to the wheel. Fine layers of special powdered silver are dusted on top of this to ensure the glossy ground coat shines through. A second layer of lacquer is applied to achieve the brightest results and also to increase the wheel’s metallic appearance.

As this is a specialised process, it takes time to achieve these results. This means you will have to send your car away to the factory for a few days.



Bespoke alloys are alloys painted to one or more colours of your choice. There are many different custom made designs such as painting the pockets of the wheel to work with the colour of your car or a chrome effect rim.

Whoops Wheel Fix It! can re-create these designs, or make your alloys even more personal to you and create an entirely unique finish.

There are hundreds of different bespoke designs and colours to choose from or we can simply restore your wheels back to their original condition. We can achieve these results for you using our mobile alloy wheel and repair service, depending on whether the option you choose fits the limitations of our vans.



Diamond cut alloys are created by machining the painted wheel on a lathe. Lacquer is then applied to stop corrosion resulting in a shiny, glossy finish. Machining the wheel in this way produces a highly reflective surface as the shine in the cut metal comes through.

Our experts will not be able to achieve these results on site, which may mean your car will be off the road for a number of days. But if you don’t want to wait, we can recreate this look with a metal effect paint, which can look just as good without the expense and inconvenience.

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Whoops Wheel Fix It! are proud of our results and expertise and will restore your wheels to make them look as good as new.

We carry out work for all of the high end manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin. For all alloy wheel repairs London contact us now on 0207 0603666.