Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs London

Diamond cut alloy wheels have a polished metal rim or front face. This is achieved by cutting the wheel with a tool on a lathe. Once the colour has been applied the polished area is cut. A clear coat of lacquer is then used to seal the repair and give the wheel its gloss. This can’t be achieved on site and wheels have to be removed from the car and sent off to a specialist factory, leaving the car off the road for a few days. However, we will remove the wheels and refit them for you at your home, minimising any inconvenience.

The process gives you a very reflective result as the shine in the cut metal shows through, giving a more classy and expensive look to the car. The increased reflectivity also makes the wheels more noticeable, which appeals to many owners.

This is a very popular finish for high spec cars, with some of the more upmarket brands offer diamond cut finish as an optional extra when they are new. Owners who have opted for a diamond cut will usually want to retain the car’s original looks and seek a diamond cut refurbishment. But it is possible to go for a standard finish instead if preferred. As well as being a more affordable option, reverting to a standard finish means that we can complete the job in half a day (2-3 hours typically), so the owner doesn’t lose use of the car. However for those who appreciate a diamond cut finish, little else will do.