Jag - wheel

Diamond cut

Diamond cut alloy wheels are most common on high spec vehicles and if damaged need to be refurbished using a different and much more lengthy process than our mobile alloy wheel service. To check if your wheel is diamond cut you need to look at the point where the front face meets the edge of the pockets. If diamond cut the front face will seem to be metal and very reflective, whilst the pockets will seem painted. Manufacturers will vary the colour of the pockets but they will usually be Black (See Picture), Grey or Silver.

When carrying out diamond cut alloy wheel repairs firstly the tyres need to be removed and the paint totally stripped away. Once the wheel is prepared and the damage is removed the inside pockets are powder coated to their desired colour. Powder coating is an application that fuses paint to the surface of metal using special high heat ovens reaching in excess of 200 degrees, this process has to be used if the wheel is about to be cut.

When out of the oven the wheel is put onto a lathe and the front face is spun and re-cut using a special diamond edged tool.  To seal the wheel refurbishment a clear powder coat is applied, the tyres are re-installed and the job is done.

If you require diamond cut alloy wheel repairs we will need your wheels for 5-7 days.