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End of Lease

Leasing provides a great way to spread the finance of obtaining a brand new car without the upfront cost. With just a minimal deposit and regular monthly payments you can have the car delivered to your door within two weeks and replaced  every two or three years with the latest model.

What a great way to have a new car parked outside your house with minimal investment! But be careful, there can be a hidden costs at the end of the contract.

When driving the car over the term of the lease it is highly likely you will acquire scuffs and scrapes to the bodywork or kerb damage to the wheels. Most lease companies work with a finance company and when the car is handed back to the finance company it goes under a stringent examination which reports the condition of the vehicle.

The finance company has to repair this damage and then pass the cost onto the customer which in most cases can be over inflated.

Whoops offer an ‘end of lease service’ which can complete alloy wheel and car scratch  repairs at a much more reasonable price saving you money for the next deposit for your new car…

Enquire now and find out how convenient and cost effective it can be using our mobile service.