How long does it take to complete the repairs?

A set of four wheels usually take around 2-3 hours.

An average bumper corner can be done in around 1-2 hours.

Do you re-balance the wheel?

Re-balancing only needs to be done when the tyre is completely removed and replaced. We only break the front bead of the existing tyre therefore the balance is not affected.

Can you match colours?

All manufactures have paint codes for their range of body colours, we type this code into our computer and it formulates an equation of all the necessary tints needed for that colour, we then use precise scales and a ‘Standox’ 45 paint system to recreate the new matching colour.

Alloy wheels don’t come with paint codes but we have a vast range wheel colours in our vans and we select the best one to match to the original.

Do you guarantee the repairs?

In the unlikely event that there are any problems and to add confidence to the customer we put a 12 month guarantee on all our work ( see guarantee at bottom of our service page )

What are the requirements to use your mobile service?

We need to have space for your vehicle and one of our vans both in close proximity.

We also need access to power. Due to the limitations of our extension leads the power source needs to be within 50 meters of the van.