Hyper Silver and Silver Chrome

Hyper silver and shadow chrome alloy wheel finishes each give the effect of a metal finish in the paint. To achieve this both processes require a lot more time and skill in their application compared to a standard finish. It is for this reason that these finishes are not available as part of our mobile service, but require the wheels to be taken to a factory – so it will involve losing use of the car for a few days.

The cost of a hyper silver or shadow chrome finish is the same, but the final effect is slightly different. Hyper silver produces an aluminium/metal finish, while shadow chrome produces a gun metal finish which is darker in appearance.

The wheel is prepared in the same way as a standard finish but in addition a lacquered ground coat is applied to the wheel. A special power silver (a very fine silver dust) is then carefully applied in layers to allow the gloss of the ground coat to shine through. The wheel is lacquered a second time to seal the layers of power silver which creates a ‘double gloss’. The end result is a highly reflective surface and an enhanced metallic appearance.

As you’d expect, the cost is greater than for a standard wheel finish, and will vary according to the size of the wheels and your distance to the factory – so please call us for a quote. However, we will collect your wheels and refit them afterwards at your home, for your convenience.

Some car owners may choose to refurbish their alloy wheels with a hyper silver or shadow chrome finish simply for the enhanced appearance – perhaps to stay in keeping with the looks of an already high spec car. But most owners opt for this type of finish because it’s important to restore the car to its original condition – for instance if returning a car at the end of a lease. Very often it will be cheaper to have us carry out the refurbishment than pay excess charges by the lease company.