Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Our mobile alloy wheel repair units are installed with state of the art equipment which allows us to complete a top quality refurbishment to your alloys. We have highly skilled technicians and the necessary tools to remove all kerb damage and repair your wheels back to their former glory. The variety of paints in our vans allow us to match most factory colours, and if you wish we can even create a custom colour to make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

We’ll come to you and in 2-3 hours you’ll have all your wheels looking as good as they did when they first rolled off the forecourt. You can see some of our work by clicking ‘SHOW WORK’ or just click the ‘wheel quote’ and we’ll be happy to advise you on what you need to do next.

Car Bodywork Repairs

Our car bodywork repair service provides a convenient and cost effective way to repair all of those unsightly scuffs and scrapes to your paintwork. We use an industry-standard paint system from Standox which consists of around 45 colours and thousands of paint combinations. We can recreate any manufacturer’s colour by simply typing a paint code into our computer and mixing the correct amount of the necessary colours.

Damage is removed using sanders and papers, colour is applied and sealed with a clear coat, then the car is de-masked and polished where needed. The result is renewed bodywork back to its original finish.


A proper polish will remove all the microscopic scratches your car may develop from general road debris contacting your paintwork or during washing at car washes or with a dirty sponge.

Sometimes our polishing be can confused with a general wax or T-cut, but unlike our service these products simply sit on top of your paintwork. When washed off any scratches that were covered by the wax (or T-cut) will reappear so you have to regularly re-apply to keep your cars shine.

At Whoops we use a complete 3-stage polishing process which step by step reduces the top coat of lacquer revealing a new unmarked surface in the paint. In 2-3 hours your car will be transformed back to how it looked when new and the shine that is produced is much more permanent.



Our service to the trade has become one of our main successes. Through many years of experience we understand how important it is for dealerships to keep their pitch in pristine condition whilst keeping as much money in their vehicles as possible. We commit to providing a punctual and fast flowing service that reduces the amount of time your stock is off the forecourt. Our fleet of vans and fully trained team (2 men per van) can cope with high volumes of work. Most of our dealerships have at least one day each week when they know that we’re coming, damaged cars can be lined up and we can get straight to work on repairing them with no fuss.

We know that some repairs are more urgently needed so we also have a fleet of mini vans which can turn up as and when you need to help get that vehicle out on time.

End of Lease

Leasing is now a very popular way to own a new vehicle without the upfront cost of buying a new car. You pay a small deposit and then continued monthly payments and the new car can be on your drive in less than a week. The added benefit is that you don’t have to sell the vehicle on when its time for a replacement. Just keep up with your monthly payments and give the car back at the end of the term of contract.

It is here where most customers get caught out. You hand the car back and the finance company give it a strict condition examination. Inevitably there are small scuffs and scrapes to your wheels and bodywork and if this is not dealt with before you give it back you could end up with a hefty fine.